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Recipe: Chocolate Almond N’ice Cream

Let’s count the reasons to go dairy free: allergy, intolerance, preference, try new recipes…

In my latest post I help you make delicious and super-simple substitutes for the most popular dairy products. You won’t miss them!

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Speaking of dairy-free, here is a delicious “ice cream” recipe I know you’ll love!

Recipe (dairy-free): Chocolate Almond N’ice Cream

Serves 2

2 bananas, chopped and frozen
1 tbsp cocoa powder, unsweetened
2 tbsp almond butter, unsweetened


1 – Add chopped frozen bananas to a food processor. Pulse or lightly blend until almost smooth.

2 – Add cocoa powder and nut butter. Pulse or lightly blend until mixed.

Serve immediately & enjoy!

Tip: Try different nut and/or seed butter. Or instead of cocoa powder and/or seed butter, use just the bananas with a ½ cup of frozen berries. The recipe combinations are endless.

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