Recipe: Lavender Bath Salts

Do you find yourself battling stress? I want to talk a little bit about stress today especially because I am less than 4 months away from my wedding and am pulling out all of my stress -reducing techniques!

If you are experiencing chronic stress, than you may also be experiencing adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue is thought to be one of the (many) health issues that can be attributed to our high-stress lifestyles.

Because there is no widely accepted definitive test for adrenal fatigue, it’s still quite controversial.

Fatigue, cravings, inability to sleep, and mood swings are real.

And common.

Let’s dive into what we know about adrenal fatigue, and learn some ways to deal with it.

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Need a quick solution? Try this easy bath salts recipe below and start chilling ASAP!

Recipe (Stress-reducing bath salt): Lavender Bath Salts

Per bath

2 cups epsom salts

10 drops lavender essential oil

As you’re running your warm bath water, add ingredients to the tub. Mix until dissolved

Enjoy your stress-reducing bath!

Tip: You can add a tablespoon of dried lavender flowers.

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To your health!

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