Let's Start Fresh!

The 14 Day Reset Cleanse is an exciting commitment to your health.

This cleanse is a pathway to release toxins and excess bloat from your tissues,
reset your digestive system and renew your baseline of well-being. You will learn how food affects the way you feel, how to attune to your body’s unique needs and activate your natural healing potential.

3 Easy Phases!



The Pre-Cleanse is about making the commitment, setting your intentions, shopping for cleanse friendly ingredients and beginning to ease your body into the full cleanse mentally, emotionally and physically.



During the Cleanse you will follow the simple elimination diet plan and body practices.



In the Re-Introduction phase you will re-introduce foods back into your diet one by one to identify food sensitivities and intolerances and create a maintenance diet that best serves your unique body.


• Shed excess weight (especially abdominal weight)

• Boost your energy

• Feel lighter and cleaner

• Decrease your craving for unhealthy foods

• Experience deeper sleep and clearer skin

• Improve your digestion (less gas and bloating)

• Enhance your body’s ability to mobilize and excrete toxins

• Decrease congestion and allergy symptoms

• Discover food sensitivies

• Create healthy habits that enliven you


Most frequently asked questions and answers

The cleanse portion of the program is entirely vegan and contains some raw recipes, although there are several recipes containing poultry, fish and eggs for those that prefer to keep animal protein.

There are three phases of this program: Phase 1 is Pre-Cleanse, Phase 2 is Cleanse, and Phase 3 is Reintroduction. Pre-Cleanse is 2 days, the Cleanse is 7 days, and Transition is 5 days.

The cleanse program is free of soy, dairy, gluten, most meats, nightshades such as eggplant, bell peppers and tomatoes, dried fruits, citrus, coffee, soda, alcohol, sugars of any kind, and corn. During the re- introduction phase, we do include gluten and dairy.

With any diet change, one should always consult their physician. However, this program CAN be used when nursing or pregnant. This program is based on clean eating and does not include anything that would be harmful to new moms.