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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions and answers

With a Discovery Session! This is an hour-long phone call where you will get a feel for what a coaching session is really like. By the end of the call you will know whether or not you would like to work with me. I will also be able to tell you if this program is a good fit for you. Either way, you are guaranteed to uncover some powerful breakthroughs during this session!

Currently coaching sessions are taking place Monday and Tuesday evenings at 6:00PM, 7:15PM, and 8:30PM (Central) and Saturdays at 9:30AM and 11:00 AM (Central). Total Transformation Discovery Sessions are taking place Thursday evenings at 6:15PM, 7:30PM, and 8:45PM (Central). That being said, talk to me about any limitations you may have on your schedule. I strongly recommend you schedule for the same time and day of the week for the entire program. 

The Discovery session is an hour long. All other coaching sessions are 45 minutes long but I recommend giving yourself an hour just in case we go over.

The great thing about coaching is that it can be done from anywhere! Most of my sessions take place over the phone, on FaceTime or Google Duo. However, if you are in the Chicagoland area let me know and we may be able to do in-person sessions. 

Deprivation is not sustainable. That’s why so many people fall back into old habits. If it’s something you love, we will absolutely not take it away. We will gradually work towards a lifestyle where (most of the time) you are choosing things that are nourishing for your unique body.

Keep doing what you’re doing! As long as you let me know, we will create a program that works best for your lifestyle. I have many tools in my toolbox that we can use.

Absolutely not. We want to address the underlying, self-destructive habits you may have. If you have healthy habits let’s keep that up and stretch even more!

You know your body better than anyone (even if you don’t think so yet!). You can absolutely follow this program and you will be honoring your body and what is most nourishing for it. 

I do not diagnose or prescribe. We will not be creating a diet/nutrition plan together. What I will do is provide you with many resources and tools should you want them. We will be addressing habit change so that we can create a lasting and sustainable lifestyle. 

The Cleanse can be as rigorous as you want or need it to be. If you have any doubts I strongly recommend consulting your doctor. For further questions CLICK HERE.

Absolutely. And what better time to let your best self-shine! If you have any doubts or worries about any of the resources you are given, you can always consult your doctor. 

Your success in this program is entirely dependent on you. You will be given action steps to complete each week. Small manageable changes. We will discuss more on how to make you a priority in your life and your busy schedule.

After your Discovery Session, if you would like to join a program you will be sent a Welcome email as well as your program contract. After that is completed and payment is received you will book your first session! If you signed up for a 90-Day program, you will also receive in the mail a welcome box of goodies! 

Unfortunately at this time I do not accept insurance. I do, however, offer payment options.

The Total Transformation: 90 Day Intensive program is an investment of $1,197. The 14 Day Reset Cleanse is $197. The Reset Cleanse along with 3 coaching sessions is $397.

You can pay for your program in full or we can discuss a payment plan. 

I accept checks and PayPal. 

CLICK HERE. If it is your first time you will want to schedule a Discovery Session. If you have purchased a program, you will want to schedule the coaching sessions under that program title.

You will receive a confirmation email and test after you book a session. Those will contain a link to reschedule.