Recipe: Sparkling Kombucha Spritzer

If you haven’t tried Kombucha, now is the time!

This is a great recipe if you don’t want to start by drinking Kombucha straight out of the bottle. 

If you don’t know, Kombucha is a fermented sweet tea that is great for your gut health and immune system.

This is so simple it almost isn’t a recipe, but the result is a refreshing good-for-you beverage you can enjoy any time of day.

Make sure to choose sugar-free sparkling water.

Mix-and-match flavors to find your favorite combo!

Sparkling Kombucha Spritzer

6 ounces of your favorite sparkling water (unsweetened)
A bottle of your favorite kombucha flavor
¼-½ cup frozen fruit, lemon slices, or fresh fruit

Pour the sparkling water into a glass, then add the fruit. Add enough kombucha to top off the glass and enjoy!

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To your health!

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